pediatric dentistry

Your child's teeth are very important to us!

The treatment of children places special demands on the treatment team and the organization of the practice. Children want to be respected and included in treatment. You have your own needs and ideas. It is not always easy to convey the many helpful possibilities of modern pediatric dentistry to young patients in a child-friendly way. This requires a lot of empathy and, above all, a lot of time. If the treatment is successful, parents and children are happy. It is therefore worthwhile to use the possibilities of child prophylaxis. We recommend: Check-ups every six months, starting with infancy. This creates a fear-free environment of trust early on and cements a respectful relationship between the dentist and their young patient.
If you start paying attention to your dental health early on, you can chew with your own teeth into old age. We therefore offer:

Our goals are:

Healthy teeth and happy children from the age of 30 months.